Glad you stopped to schmooz! I’m a writer of middlegrade fiction, picture books, children’s plays, mystery dinner scripts, devotions, and bathroom scribblings. That last one is a lie. I’ve never ever never written a snide remark on a wall anywhere. (A veil of guilt descends.) Okay. Maybe once. When I twelve.

You can see I wear a lot of hats, too. And wigs? I was a theater major years ago. I have tons. I like to model them. Here’s I am as:


A crabby old lady

chick head 1

Poster child for the “Free-the-Chickens’ campaign

chosen green shotBut this is a legit shot.
No wig.
Some hair dye.
Glowing in the joy of pursuing writing as a career.

Interested in learning more about my writing?

Click on WIPS and PIPS in the links above. 

Peruse the Blog category for my lastest posts. I cover all-things-writing with a few odd bird sightings to keep you on your toes.

Inspiration is a collage of some of my favorite things.

Writing Resources lists…uh…resources for writing…books, online classes, websites, etc.



4 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. This is the best about me page ever and I love your quotes on the side!

  2. This was a funny about page! I like the last photo- no wig, but some hair dye :)

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